Monday, January 11, 2016

cough cough sniffle snort

Woof. Having a baby in the winter with two school aged kids at home is NOT for the faint of heart. Good night nurse. We did good for about the first two months, but then WHAM. And it hasn't stopped. The little man has been sick. Kind of half of his life, which kind of breaks my heart. Nothing serious, for which I am so grateful. But one good scare (emergency room FAIL) and a few nasty colds and a lot of tears on both baby's and mommy's part. I can't stand seeing him sad. And through it all I know he'll be okay and I'll be okay and this isn't the end of the world. But man how I hate it.

This business of raising babies. Gosh your heart just goes through the ringer. I've been keeping records and such and taking photos, but who knows when I'll ever get them here. For now, enjoy my smiliest boy. He is my most favorite boy, my constant companion bobbing on my shoulder, my heart and my soul, and he holds everything that's good in the world in that dimple of his. I'm so thankful for his smiles, the ones he musters out even on the crummiest days, and especially the big open mouthed gummy ones he splashes about when he's well. 

And also. Blue eyeeessss.

He had just finished nursing.
This happy face is the sole reason I continue nursing.
My goodness I love this happy face.


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