Wednesday, March 26, 2014

back to tumbling

Many of you may recall that Annabelle is our little tumbler. We enrolled her in a little class with one of her friends when she was barely three because it was something fun for her to do, to get wiggles out, to be in a class setting before preschool. 

Some of you may also recall the showcase. My heart still aches a little about it. She was so scared and so brave. That said, after the showcase, tumbling was never the same. It's like she realized how to be nervous. She started to totally come unglued every time we went to class. She didn't want to go in without me, and even with me there, she wouldn't join the class usually. She wasn't loving tumbling anymore. Tumbling - this thing that was hers - had become not fun. She dreaded it, and it broke my heart.

So we took a break. Preschool was starting up anyhow, and I knew that would be a hurdle by itself. Of course, preschool has worked wonders on our girl's confidence and bravery, so when I asked her in December if she'd be interested in tumbling again. She mulled it over, and one day said, "Mom, I want to do tumbling again." I'll admit I enrolled her with about ten gallons of hesitancy. But she insisted. At her first class, she had some nerves, but her teacher was quick to involve her and she started with the class. 

And it has been full speed ahead since then. She's rapidly progressing and having the best time. Her body seems to be made for the sport, and although she's just a baby, I hope it's something she's able to stick with for years. She gets such a sense of satisfaction from it. She's proud of herself, and she thrives on the challenge of every new task her teacher presents. I'll sit behind the glass and watch her teacher demonstrate something, thinking, "Nooooo. She can't do...Oh, okay. She did it." Little known fact: Annabelle is double jointed, and I think many of the tricks come fairly easy because her body bennnnds easy. 

These photos are from her showcase this year. It was held in her regular class room, with just a handful of parents and relatives, which was much more her speed than the big intimidating showcase last year. She zoomed right through her routine; even when she skipped a trick, she didn't let the mistake get her down, and she went back and fixed her routine. She has grown up so much lately. There's really not a single vestige of babyhood left in her. It's both amazing and painful. Either way, we are so proud. :) 

Our tumbler's back. Our house is  back to the regular ruckus of cartwheels and handstands, of falling down and getting up, over and over again. And we love it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

ha ha ha

My sister and her new husband are your basic technology nerds. Both studying computers and graphics and things like that that most of us don't understand. Both super smart. She started brainstorming for her guest book, and came up with something brilliant. When guests entered the reception, they sat down and took some photobooth photos. They could then add their message or advice to the happy couple, and in some sort of fancy ingenious way, they'll just push print and have a magic book with everyone's photos and messages. Brilliant, no? 

We neglected to take our photos until the very end of the reception. Look at Lou. So sad. But kind of hilarious. Longest day ever for a baby with no nap. But such a good day. So glad we took these. :)

Friday, March 14, 2014


Google tells me the first day of spring is March 20. I say spring is whenever the air is warm enough to run and play. And by warm enough, I mean just enough. We don't need much. Last night, we went to our favorite spot - not yet officially open, but we duck under trees and bushes and cut our way in - and went for a "hike." This is the first time Lou has been old enough to really take it all in (or had enough command of her words). When we pulled up she said, "Oh I member this! Oh I duss love hiking and running!"

We hiked and ran and threw rocks (and snow!) and pretended that it was spring. Because for that hour, it was.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the whole gang

My baby sister got married this weekend. It was such a wonderful weekend with family and friends. And Jess actually accompanied me this time. I basically dragged him through the reception shouting, SEE I HAVE A HUSBAND, as he's rarely in St. George with me. All the sisters were there, my never-aging mom was there (seriously, I think I'll be older than her one of these days), my dad and his wife were there, grandma and grandpa, world's best aunt and uncle. Everyone was there (even my sister's in utero baby made her presence known with some random contractions). 

And I can't get over how much fun it was. Good food, good people, good belly laughs in the wee hours of the night. It was absolutely wonderful to be with all those people that I love so much. These photos were taken by said world's best uncle. Thank goodness he had a camera out because we didn't even unzip the camera bag the whole trip. My sister's phenom photographer will have some additional photos in a few weeks I'm guessing. Until then, we're loving these.

So grateful for my family. Every single one of them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

some more winter wonderland

So I found some more photos of our Yellowstone trip on Grandma's camera. And I had to pull them. Because there are just so many things I love about them.

1. I am so tired and makeupless. I spent the previous 24 hours locked in a hotel room with a sick baby. And let me tell you, that hotel room smelled awesome. I cannot tell you how much I loved the fresh, totally frozen air. But wow - I look like a nap should've happened instead of a bus ride.
2. I love how Jess and I are like bundled up to the point of snowman appearance in some of these shots. And then you have our kids who had to literally be coerced to wear any sort of warm clothes. I PROMISE I brought full gear - snow bibs, multiple varieties of beanies, gloves, mittens, boots. They weren't having any of it. And after the aforementioned not sleeping, I had no fight left in me.
3. That goofy hat Jess is wearing? From his mission. Yes, that would be over a decade ago. 
4. The binoculars that Belle has in a few shots are totally our driver's. The girls totally claimed them for most of the trip. The best was when Lou would look through them backwards and be all, "A bison!" Sure.
5. I look taller than Jess. This happens all the time now. Am I? Could it be that he's shrinking? Or more likely, that I'm growing? Awesome.

Most of all, I love these pictures of Yellowstone because we just booked our next trip to Yellowstone, and we're so excited. Yes, we'll be staying in the park (aka expensive 1950s accommodations). But this time we're not going in August. Although we do have nights booked then, it has come to our attention that we will have A CHILD IN KINDERGARTEN. And school starts for her, thereby ruining our vacations and maybe our lives. So much to the husband's chagrin we've rescheduled. Spring time in Yellowstone? I think yes.


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