Friday, March 14, 2014


Google tells me the first day of spring is March 20. I say spring is whenever the air is warm enough to run and play. And by warm enough, I mean just enough. We don't need much. Last night, we went to our favorite spot - not yet officially open, but we duck under trees and bushes and cut our way in - and went for a "hike." This is the first time Lou has been old enough to really take it all in (or had enough command of her words). When we pulled up she said, "Oh I member this! Oh I duss love hiking and running!"

We hiked and ran and threw rocks (and snow!) and pretended that it was spring. Because for that hour, it was.

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eclaires said...

So just today, I was thinking. I need to email Shauntel and see how things are because I haven't heard from her in awhile or seen anything on her blog...

Oh wait, that's because I haven't been reading any blogs lately (or writing my own, for that matter. I think time has gotten away from me for the last six weeks. Oh and my laptop died. Blue screen death. It can be revived for short periods of time (read: five minutes) from time to time, but it's definitely passing on.

So... glad to see you've been blogging the whole time I haven't been reading. :) But does it count that I've been thinking of you? I hope so.

Love you.


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