Thursday, January 30, 2014


So 2014. It's been good to us in many ways already. But also not.

We've been ill like basically every other week. We're sick, we recover, we're sick, we recover. The good news? By the end of this winter, we should have effectively fought every single friggin virus transferable by preschoolers, and should thus be superhumans next year?


It's been exhausting. But it's given me cause for a lot of reflection. Because really, I can't do anything else. Sitting up all night for nights in a row, holding a tiny body that can't stop coughing, my thoughts are all I have to keep me company. 

For one thing, I've thought a lot about these mortal bodies of ours. During one particularly bad night, as I sat bleary eyed, rocking Lou while her body fought and convulsed with coughs, Jess walked in with anointing oil. He gave her a blessing of healing. Interestingly enough, he did not bless her to be healed rightnow. He told me later that he wanted to, oh how he wanted to make his baby well, but he couldn't. He gave the blessing that he felt in his heart and mind. And it was something like this - you are blessed with a healthy and strong body that will from time to time become ill. But your body is a gift and it will fight and overcome.

I can't stop thinking about it really. My body is diseased every day. It doesn't go away, and I essentially fight it every day. Some days I don't give it a thought. But some days I do. I'm regularly making adjustments and revamping my life to better accommodate the little glitch in my system. But at the end of the day, even the exhausting days where my bones ache with a sort of exhaustion that only Hashimoto's can dish up, I realize, I did it. I used this body - a gift - the best I could. I clothed and bathed babies. I read with them. I prepared meals. I exercised. I hugged my husband. I cleaned toilets. I made projects. I edited. I sang and I danced. I pushed a vacuum. All with this body. There are definitely some days I do better than others, but the point is, my body keeps fighting.

And so while 2014 hasn't yet been easy on us, it's okay. I'm grateful for these bodies that are indeed miraculous and have the capacity to fight. I'm also grateful for doctors and medicine and little tender mercies that make the hard days bearable. I'm also grateful for the way illness makes us slow down, sit down, be quiet. Snuggle. Forget the to do lists that are usually more like anxiety lists anyhow.

In the end, all will be well. Even if it's only well every other week. :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


+ Annabelle has filled a few notebooks with her drawings. They're kind of the best. She draws her favorite fairies, her family, things that are happening, things she sees, her friends, her teachers. They're priceless. I sit down with her every few days and write captions so we can remember what she drew. Lou also draws in her notebook. And on her face.

+ I try to feel bad about over consuming Trader Joe's milk chocolate peanut butter cups, but I never do. In fact, I usually feel quite justified in my consumption. As though my muffin top deserves a little boost now and then. And preferably one wrapped in milk chocolate.

+ We have (had?) some sort of bug in our house. In true fashion, Belle has let it pass through her with barely a note that she felt unwell. And Lou. Well, she was out for the count for a few days. Raging fevers. Nutty antics. Coughing up a lung, then upchucking up the rest. (She literally has the weakest gag reflex. in. the. world.) But she's fever free today, so hopefully it's the end? The bigger my children get, the more reasons I have to home school. Germs are currently at the top of the list, followed closely by bullies, mean girls, drugs, filthy minds and mouths. School just sounds so fabulous! 

+ I've invested in some fleece-lined leggings. It's like wearing clouds on your legs, and my at-home uniform (pajama pants) has been expanded to include these beauties. I've not yet dared to wear them in public. While they are dreamy, it's also kind of like wearing a thin covering on your dimpled thighs. No thanks. Says the world.

+ Last year I read all of the books in the Anne of Green Gables series (eight of them). I want to read them all again, and I miss Anne and Gilbert and their babies like they're real people, as though I once lived down the dusty road from them, and our kids played barefoot in Rainbow Valley together. Theirs was the kind of simple life I yearn for. Quiet, convicted, full of beauty. And Montgomery's writing? Impeccable. Precise. Every word on the page in its proper and purposeful place. A rare find in writing these days.

+ Jess and I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with our parents. Let me rephrase this: nerds. from. the. start. Just a few months ago we snagged the whole series on DVD on ebay. Suffice it to say, we are as nerdy as we sound. We stay up til ridiculous hours almost every night because, the galaxy must be explored, that's why. All dorkiness aside, once you get past the awkward first season (paaaaainful) and the 1980s "special" effects, there is some brilliant work to be found in Star Trek. Also, I love Data. And the way Captain Picard says, "Engage."  

Monday, January 13, 2014

it's been said

Annabelle was SO excited to give Lou this Tinkerbell doll.
Little did she (and Lou) know, Lou had a Tinkerbell doll for her too.

{while playing Legos with Daddy}
Lou: Dad! Stop being a bully goat!
{two seconds after I set breakfast down, she drops her fork in the sink}
Mom: Lou, why did you put your fork in the sink?
Lou: Cuz I cay-zee.
{after insisting on saying the family prayer by herself}
Lou: Thankful for Cokey (an aunt) and Tanner (an uncle)...and for medicine. 
{well sure}
{after I explain that I have to help both her and Lou}
Belle: If I could have two moms...that would be really great.
{After months of hanging on the rail down the stairs, 
it finally breaks of in Lou's hand.
She stares at the rail, stares at Daddy, and...}
Lou: Uh. I boke it.
Jess, to Lou: Well, Boo...
Lou: I not Boo, I Lou!
Jess: I know, I'm sorry, I...
Lou: I Liddy Lou Daddy!
Lou: Mommy, she being a mean guy!
Belle: I'm not a guy! I'm a girl!
Lou: Mom, she being a bully goat!
Belle: I'm not a goat Lou!
{Miss Sam is Annabelle's preschool teacher}
Lou: When Miss Sam says I a-go to pre-cool, guess what?! I a-go to pre-cool!
{yes, she's pre-registered for next fall}
{after putting a necklace on our little statue Santa guy}
Lou: I gave Santa a necklace! That be cute!
{while being carried out of church for crying and being loud}
{AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS, cue entire congregation's snickers}
{and what kid doesn't like going out to the foyer?}
{after a night of very little sleep and lots of screaming from a certain two-year-old}
Me: Lou, so did you have some bad dreams last night?
Lou: Yeahhhh...
Me: What were they about?
Lou: There was a witch! Making cookies! Right over dare! (pointing to the stove)
Belle: Mom, Lou bit me!
Lou: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to!
Princess Rapunzel dresses from Santa.
Thank you Walmart Halloween clearance bins.

{while playing fairy princess pretending games}
Belle: Fairy godmother, what did you come here for? Did you come here to make my dreams come true?
Lou: Um, no I didn't.
Belle: Oh. Well, I think you did!
Lou: No I didn't. Let's go! (runs away)
Belle: (chases after Lou) But you're supposed to make my dreams come true!
(watches Lou run away) Guess I'll have to do it myself...
{after I cut Jess' hair}
Lou: Daddy, your hair is lost!
Jess: Yep, it's shorter. 
Lou: You need to put it back!
{whilst discussing serving missions}
Annabelle: And we can choose if we want to go on a mission Lou. We can go to college too. Or both!
Lou: I can go on a MISS-UN?!
Me: Yes, you can go on a mission! Like Aunt Whit Whit!
Lou: Me?! On a MISS-UN? I so ess-ited!
Lou: I want a blue dog Mommy.
Me: Well, there aren't really any blue dogs.
Lou: I want a teal one then.
Me: Well, there aren't any teal dogs either.
Lou (getting mad): Then I want a black dog!
Me: There are black dogs. You want a real black dog?
Me: Well, maybe someday. But not today. We don't need a dog. 
(or it's smell or poop or hair)
Me: Honey, not toda...
{this continued for twenty full minutes, no lie}
{as we pull up to our house}
Lou: I don't wanna go home!
Jess: Well, where do you want to go?
Lou: Um...Hawaii! I wanna go to Hawaii! Waaahhh.
{pointing to something in a little flyer}
Lou: I want that to Christmas.
Belle: What do you want?
Lou: Dat (pointing).
Belle: Oh, I don't think Santa has that.
Me: What is it Belle?
Belle: Well, I don't really know.
{Lou bonks something on the table}
Belle: Whoa!
Lou: Did I scare you?
Belle: Yeah...
Lou: Whoa, sorry 'bout dat. I didn't mean to.
Belle: It's okay.
At our staycation, a Cheney family tradition that occurs
the weekend following Christmas each year.
These girls are hotel bums. So happy to be in their
home away from home after such a travel-filled year.

Me: What do you want for breakfast? Sausage?
Lou: Um, I like Oreos. And Cheetos.
{when racing up OR down the stairs}
Lou: I'm gonna beat you up!
Lou, screaming: Sissy hit me in my face! Like dis! {hits herself in demonstration}
Belle, hiding a smile: I said sorry...
{whilst drawing on a receipt, her most favorite thing to draw on, I don't know?}
Lou: My scientific fairy wee-search.
{from this movie, which we highly recommend}
{as we pull up to Jess' work}
Lou: We're picking up Daddy?! Oh, I love my Daddy!
{while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, over and over and over}
Belle: On the first day of Christmas, when you looked into me.
{while Lou screams obnoxiously}
Belle: Please don't do that Lou. You're making me drive crazy.
{she was so tired and her words were so mixed up}
{after spying an airplane in the sky}
Lou: I like planes. They're cute.
{upon finding her blanket}
Belle: This chair is too hot. This chair is too cold. And this blanky is just right.
Me: Lou, do you want to try your soup?
Lou: Um, no sank you.
Me: Well, what are you going to eat?
Lou, running away: ideaaaa!
{while Lou lays on the ground drinking her sippy}
Me: Okay, I'm going to vacuum!
Lou, starts crying, legitimately crying: Noooo. Don't clean me up! 

The dollhouse made its appearance! Finally!
(It's been held in reserves for almost two years now!)
But I didn't pull it out til just before bed on Christmas. Ha ha.
It's been a huge hit. It gets HOURS of play every day.


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