Monday, January 13, 2014

it's been said

Annabelle was SO excited to give Lou this Tinkerbell doll.
Little did she (and Lou) know, Lou had a Tinkerbell doll for her too.

{while playing Legos with Daddy}
Lou: Dad! Stop being a bully goat!
{two seconds after I set breakfast down, she drops her fork in the sink}
Mom: Lou, why did you put your fork in the sink?
Lou: Cuz I cay-zee.
{after insisting on saying the family prayer by herself}
Lou: Thankful for Cokey (an aunt) and Tanner (an uncle)...and for medicine. 
{well sure}
{after I explain that I have to help both her and Lou}
Belle: If I could have two moms...that would be really great.
{After months of hanging on the rail down the stairs, 
it finally breaks of in Lou's hand.
She stares at the rail, stares at Daddy, and...}
Lou: Uh. I boke it.
Jess, to Lou: Well, Boo...
Lou: I not Boo, I Lou!
Jess: I know, I'm sorry, I...
Lou: I Liddy Lou Daddy!
Lou: Mommy, she being a mean guy!
Belle: I'm not a guy! I'm a girl!
Lou: Mom, she being a bully goat!
Belle: I'm not a goat Lou!
{Miss Sam is Annabelle's preschool teacher}
Lou: When Miss Sam says I a-go to pre-cool, guess what?! I a-go to pre-cool!
{yes, she's pre-registered for next fall}
{after putting a necklace on our little statue Santa guy}
Lou: I gave Santa a necklace! That be cute!
{while being carried out of church for crying and being loud}
{AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS, cue entire congregation's snickers}
{and what kid doesn't like going out to the foyer?}
{after a night of very little sleep and lots of screaming from a certain two-year-old}
Me: Lou, so did you have some bad dreams last night?
Lou: Yeahhhh...
Me: What were they about?
Lou: There was a witch! Making cookies! Right over dare! (pointing to the stove)
Belle: Mom, Lou bit me!
Lou: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to!
Princess Rapunzel dresses from Santa.
Thank you Walmart Halloween clearance bins.

{while playing fairy princess pretending games}
Belle: Fairy godmother, what did you come here for? Did you come here to make my dreams come true?
Lou: Um, no I didn't.
Belle: Oh. Well, I think you did!
Lou: No I didn't. Let's go! (runs away)
Belle: (chases after Lou) But you're supposed to make my dreams come true!
(watches Lou run away) Guess I'll have to do it myself...
{after I cut Jess' hair}
Lou: Daddy, your hair is lost!
Jess: Yep, it's shorter. 
Lou: You need to put it back!
{whilst discussing serving missions}
Annabelle: And we can choose if we want to go on a mission Lou. We can go to college too. Or both!
Lou: I can go on a MISS-UN?!
Me: Yes, you can go on a mission! Like Aunt Whit Whit!
Lou: Me?! On a MISS-UN? I so ess-ited!
Lou: I want a blue dog Mommy.
Me: Well, there aren't really any blue dogs.
Lou: I want a teal one then.
Me: Well, there aren't any teal dogs either.
Lou (getting mad): Then I want a black dog!
Me: There are black dogs. You want a real black dog?
Me: Well, maybe someday. But not today. We don't need a dog. 
(or it's smell or poop or hair)
Me: Honey, not toda...
{this continued for twenty full minutes, no lie}
{as we pull up to our house}
Lou: I don't wanna go home!
Jess: Well, where do you want to go?
Lou: Um...Hawaii! I wanna go to Hawaii! Waaahhh.
{pointing to something in a little flyer}
Lou: I want that to Christmas.
Belle: What do you want?
Lou: Dat (pointing).
Belle: Oh, I don't think Santa has that.
Me: What is it Belle?
Belle: Well, I don't really know.
{Lou bonks something on the table}
Belle: Whoa!
Lou: Did I scare you?
Belle: Yeah...
Lou: Whoa, sorry 'bout dat. I didn't mean to.
Belle: It's okay.
At our staycation, a Cheney family tradition that occurs
the weekend following Christmas each year.
These girls are hotel bums. So happy to be in their
home away from home after such a travel-filled year.

Me: What do you want for breakfast? Sausage?
Lou: Um, I like Oreos. And Cheetos.
{when racing up OR down the stairs}
Lou: I'm gonna beat you up!
Lou, screaming: Sissy hit me in my face! Like dis! {hits herself in demonstration}
Belle, hiding a smile: I said sorry...
{whilst drawing on a receipt, her most favorite thing to draw on, I don't know?}
Lou: My scientific fairy wee-search.
{from this movie, which we highly recommend}
{as we pull up to Jess' work}
Lou: We're picking up Daddy?! Oh, I love my Daddy!
{while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, over and over and over}
Belle: On the first day of Christmas, when you looked into me.
{while Lou screams obnoxiously}
Belle: Please don't do that Lou. You're making me drive crazy.
{she was so tired and her words were so mixed up}
{after spying an airplane in the sky}
Lou: I like planes. They're cute.
{upon finding her blanket}
Belle: This chair is too hot. This chair is too cold. And this blanky is just right.
Me: Lou, do you want to try your soup?
Lou: Um, no sank you.
Me: Well, what are you going to eat?
Lou, running away: ideaaaa!
{while Lou lays on the ground drinking her sippy}
Me: Okay, I'm going to vacuum!
Lou, starts crying, legitimately crying: Noooo. Don't clean me up! 

The dollhouse made its appearance! Finally!
(It's been held in reserves for almost two years now!)
But I didn't pull it out til just before bed on Christmas. Ha ha.
It's been a huge hit. It gets HOURS of play every day.

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