Monday, February 28, 2011

word of the week

So when you walk into Belle's room in the morning or after a nap, she does one of two things: (1) She starts listing the clothing you're wearing, or (2) She starts naming body parts. (What? She's just a little OCD.) Now this little miss knows pretty much every body part, even the ones we prefer she didn't know yet (...but when do we want them to know about bums and such?). So one day Jess realized he thought of a part she didn't know: the forehead. She's known the head since she was old enough to bonk it, but the forehead? Tricky, tricky. Sort of like teaching her the difference between lips, mouth, and tongue. All very tricky. So for a while he's been practicing with her, but she mostly just calls both the noggin and the front of your head a head. 

But this morning when I walked in to get her, she pointed at me and said, "Head." So I put my hand on my head. Then she pointed down a bit and said, "More head?"

And let's be honest - she's kind of right. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

word of the week

So people have been telling me to "just wait" until Annabelle started really talking. That she'd be a crack up, that I didn't know the half of it. And let me tell you, the funnies have already started. She's long been saying, "I lub ewe," and in the last month or so has added whom she actually loves: "I lub my mommy," "I lub my dad," or one of our favorites, directed at her beloved blanket, "I lub it!" One night as we got ready for bed, she started busting up and saying over and over, because she's obviously the funniest person on earth, "I lub BOB! I lub my BOB!" And then proceed to roll around in a fit of giggles.

And while we've had "mawnmower" (lawnmower) under our vocabulary belt for a while, yesterday while we were waiting (and waiting) for Jess to get his CT scan, we had many opportunities for walks around the hospital. I pointed outside to the life flight helicopter and told her what it was. She nodded with surety and repeated: "Hella Carport." 

I'm still laughing. I love that kid.

P.S. My nose gets so much bigger when I'm pregnant. Seriously!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fixed and broken

So this weekend, Jess' entire family went to Yellowstone National Park. Although I was a basket case about it, I was signed up to go up until the very last minute, quite literally. The night before, I had (one last) major mental breakdown and finally decided that I needed to stay home. I had a respiratory infection (leftover from the cold) that I was fighting, and my doctor had actually advised me to sit this one out. Add the stress I feel when I travel (with a child) plus pregnancy irrationality, and you had me at goodbye.

So I stayed home with Belle. The weekend actually turned out great for us as my youngest sister was able to fly up and hang out, and due to antibiotics and my new diet, I've been feeling better physically than I have since I got pregnant. It's rather wonderful really. I have more energy, and I don't feel nauseated or have any extreme heartburn. I feel strong and human again.

Jess, on the other hand, isn't doing so hot. One day in Yellowstone was spent snowmobiling. In an unfortunate case of not seeing a ditch in time, Jess slammed his snowmobile into the ditch and his chest slammed into the machine. His upper torso is really sore (a CT scan revealed only swelling, thank goodness) and he can't lift or pull anything, including his Midge, which kind of breaks his heart. So in an ironic twist of fate, the momma has her strength back, and the daddy's is gone. While his injury isn't exactly a blessing, I feel very lucky and blessed to be feeling as good as I do so I can take care of not only our babe but also my broken man.

And now the photos that have nothing to do with the post will commence. (Photos of beautiful snowy Yellowstone to come.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

dear internet

I just wanted to apologize for how crabby I am about pregnancy. The fact of the matter is, I'm just not good at it. My body's not good at it, and I'm not good at pretending it's fun. Just when I think I can handle it, I get another piece of fun news or something else on my body breaks down. And when my body breaks down, so does my mind. And so I whine and complain and grumble.

Here's the thing though. In my mind, the pregnancy is totally separate from the baby. I know that logically speaking, pregnancy is what leads to a baby, but to me it's so very separate. In my mind, I just have to survive these nine months, and then suddenly a baby will be here. I know it sounds a little crazy, but it's how I cope.

But I realize that I'm a big whiny baby, and I wanted to apologize. In reality, I know I'm very blessed - blessed that I can be pregnant in the first place (and without much trying or thought about it) and blessed to already have a simply amazing daughter. I also know that while my pregnancy is one composed chiefly of discomfort after discomfort, it's definitely not as hard as it could be, and for that I'm also grateful. My body isn't "good" at being pregnant, but it doesn't fail either, and I know that is a blessing.

So I'm going to resolve (again) to just suck it up. And if I'm being honest, my new "diet" plan has me feeling light years better physically. Embarrassing, yes.

My apologies,

P.S. The very first thing I'm eating after the baby comes out is a big ol' cupcake with thick butter cream frosting. Oh man. A dream.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the comedy continues

I have some more comedy to add to this pregnancy. At least, I'm hoping if I call it comedy it will become funny.

Despite the fact that I've made conscious efforts to eat better and exercise more than I did when I was pregnant with Annabelle (minus days when I was completely ill), I'm officially gaining too much weight. I spin almost every day, lift weights a few times a week, cut out sugary drinks (I totally consumed them en masse with Belle), and watch my portions and/or food choices carefully. Plus, if I eat anything too rich or greasy, I just barf anyway. It's completely frustrating. My best guess is that my body is jacked up - I had an organ removed (thyroid) then weeks later got pregnant. (Listen, we thought it would take longer. As it turns out, Jess just sneezed in my general direction and BOOM.) My body doesn't know up from down, and then there's this little, cute parasite sucking the life out of me at the same time.

I'm officially on a low-carb, NO SUGAR diet for the duration of this pregnancy. COMEDY. And it isn't the diet that bugs me so much as the fact that I've been so careful this time around (I was pretty carefree when pregnant with Belle), and still I'm having issues. Why can't pregnancy be easy for just a minute for me? 

If you're one of those ladies who can eat what she wants and exercise if you want when you're pregnant and then return to your old body after giving birth, I'd recommend not mentioning this around me. And please, consider yourself blessed and lucky. It's beyond frustrating to try so hard for absolutely nothing. I feel like a failure.

If anyone has awesome low-carb meals, send them my way. Because as much as I love brown rice and salad, it's going to get old. Real fast.

P.S. Baby is doing great. My body just sucks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

So I designed and sent this little card to the family members who don't get to see Belle very often:

But its creation was not without several outtakes:

And every goofy face is a perfect reminder of why she is my heart.
I just love her guts.
Happy Valentine's Day my heart.

My, how time flies.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 You know it's been a rough week (pregnancy + a cold = let's not talk about it) 
when you wash and do your hair after several days of skipping showers 
and/or no hair doing, and your babe can't stop running her fingers through it
and telling you it smells "goo" and that it's so "pitty."

This is the second cold of the pregnancy.
Any bets on how many more this cute little girl
is going to bring home to me?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a bunch of garbage

So other than her "babies," Annabelle also has a particular affection for her dollies (the little Strawberry Shortcake ones that came in McDonald's Happy Meals) and her ponies (the My Little version). She carries them around in a bag all the time, and if they're not in the bag, they're taking a nap, as she says, in the silo that came with her Little People barn (a Christmas present score from the D.I.).

The past few days, however, said dollies and ponies have been missing. She was constantly looking around for them and checking the silo thinking that they must have just gotten real tired and wandered into their napping silo all by themselves. But alas, even with my help we hadn't unturned them. 

Until today. 

When I emptied the diaper pail. 

They were at the bottom. 

You're welcome for not taking pictures of that joyous discovery.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Mommy: Hey Belle, did you know you're cute?
Belle: Luke?
Mommy: Yeah, you're cute. Did you know you're cute?
Belle: (nodding) Luke. Luke.
Mommy: Can you say "cute"?
Belle: Luke.
Mommy: Can you say "kuh"?
Belle: Kuh.
Mommy: Can you say "ute"?
Belle: Ute.
Mommy: Now say "kuh" "ute."
Belle: Kuh-Luke.

Friday, February 4, 2011

fingers crossed

I am currently knocking on a huge piece of wood and doing every other jinx breaking dance move known to man to say this: I think the fog has lifted. My brain seems more aligned with my heart, and the joy that I should've been feeling for fifteen weeks is settling in around my soul.

I'm having another baby!

That said, my relationship with food is dramatically (and hopefully not forever) changed this time around. Eating is basically a chore; very few things sound good and even less tastes good. I throw up anything that is too rich or spicy or if I eat anything in excess. I mean anything. Like mashed potatoes. Who throws up mashed potatoes? Feed me one bite too much and I do. (But they tasted so good!) 

I'm obsessed with fizzy drinks (the only solution to my always unsettled stomach) and Mott's Plus Light Apple juice (I sang its praises here, and yes, I'm drinking fake sugar this time around, no caffeine however), and only recently has chocolate become appealing again. And even though I throw up lots of what I eat, and I'm still spinning almost every day, the pounds are packing on. This body loves to hold on to weight when its pregnant, and let me tell ya, it ain't pretty. Don't expect a single belly photo, because there will be none taken. Yuck.

But the food issues are nothing in comparison to the brain issues that seem to have left the building. A strange appetite and an obsession with apple juice is much easier to cope with than senseless despair, and I'll take it.

By the way, I'm having another baby.


Pictures are of Annabelle and her "babies." It's a serious business. While Lala Loopsy is her favorite child (the one with blue hair and a huge head), the others also call for attention quite frequently. She rocks them and keeps them warm and tells them she loves them. When she has to leave them she says, "I be back. I lub ewe." It's particularly adorable, and I hope that kind of love transfers to a new sibling.


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