Monday, February 28, 2011

word of the week

So when you walk into Belle's room in the morning or after a nap, she does one of two things: (1) She starts listing the clothing you're wearing, or (2) She starts naming body parts. (What? She's just a little OCD.) Now this little miss knows pretty much every body part, even the ones we prefer she didn't know yet (...but when do we want them to know about bums and such?). So one day Jess realized he thought of a part she didn't know: the forehead. She's known the head since she was old enough to bonk it, but the forehead? Tricky, tricky. Sort of like teaching her the difference between lips, mouth, and tongue. All very tricky. So for a while he's been practicing with her, but she mostly just calls both the noggin and the front of your head a head. 

But this morning when I walked in to get her, she pointed at me and said, "Head." So I put my hand on my head. Then she pointed down a bit and said, "More head?"

And let's be honest - she's kind of right. :)

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Nicole said...

That is adorable. I moved so let's play!


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