Wednesday, March 2, 2011

twenty at twenty

 My Belle, at twenty months:

1. You love, love watching Toy Story 3. You request "Woooo-Deee" all day long. Although you also love Buzz, Jesse, "pig," and "frog" (Rex, the dinosaur). You also love watching Beauty & the Beast, although you just call it "Ah-Belle," because as far as you know, you share names with the main character. (You also call any princess appearing cartoon "Ah-Belle.")
2. You know the entire alphabet (uppercase letters). You can locate letters when requested, and you find them on products, buildings, during movies, anywhere you can. You know the sounds of some of the letters, and often call U "umbrella."
3. You can count to ten, although the numbers usually get mixed up, and nine is often totally abandoned. But you have on several occasions actually counted in order by yourself.
4. You know the circle (sometimes you call it "O," and why not), triangle, square, and heart. Sometimes the star.
5. You really stink at colors. :) I think you sort of know pink, orange, and yellow. But mostly you just call everything white, like your blanket. Which is actually really cute.
6. You love to sing. Some of your favorites are "Farmer in the Dell," "Old MacDonald," "Once There Was A Snowman," and "Itsy Bitsy Spider." You also love to sing Katy Perry's "Firework." We'll hear you singing "Boom boom boom...moon moon moon" all the time.
7. Thanks to a certain aunt (Don Don!) who showed you this random clip, you now ask for pumpernickel all day long. All four syllables - pump-a-nick-o.
8. You love peppered beef jerky. I'm kind enough to give you the least peppery pieces, but really? You also love Cafe Rio's black beans and rice, which can likely be blamed on your mother's pregnant obsession with the restaurant. And you love milk. Just like your dad. (Yuck. Not like your mom.)
9. You've had a cold every other week for the last few months. (It's getting old, not because you're difficult - you're not - but because I get the colds after you.)
10. You know the sounds of the following animals: dog, cat, cow, horse, bear, lion, frog, duck, bird, rabbit (scrunched nose, no sound), pig, turkey, elephant, sheep, monkey, donkey, bird, chick, rooster, turkey.

11. You sprouted three more teeth in the last month - two back teeth and one front, bottom. This may be why eating is getting easier.
12. You gave up the bottle over a month ago. It was completely easy, and you never asked for it after the switch. (In other words, your mom is a chicken.)
13. When you go to bed, you always request a song, which means you want me to sing "I Am A Child of God." Whenever I leave the room, you say, "One more?" You usually win, and I sing one more verse.
14. You're not really interested in potty training, but you often insist on trying out your potty. Almost always, you fake "use" your potty, then run away and pee on the floor somewhere. Among the many cute things you do, this is not one of them, and your mother is quite content keeping you in diapers.
15. You know the name of every family member on both sides, through the great-grandparents, plus our relatives' pets. Some of our favorites are: Don-Don (Danielle), Ki-Ness (Kristen), and Coke (Courtney).

16. You love to steal everyone's seat. If someone stands up, you start giggling and say, "Ha ha ha ha! Mommy's [or whomever it is that left] seat! Ha ha ha!"
17. When you want to be held, you say, "Hold you?" Sometimes you say, "Hold you? Me?"
18. You're stringing sentences together all the time. At the store, I hear a steady stream of, "I want it. I need it. I want it. Hold it. I hold it. I want it." When you're looking for someone, you ask, "Daddy, where awe you?" When you do something funny, you announce, "Siyee Ah-Belle! Cay-zee Ah-Belle!" And you've got the possessive under control: "Mommy's nose. Ah-Belle's shirt."
19. You love to help - in the kitchen, with laundry, cleaning up. If you hear me in the kitchen cooking or doing the dishes, you come running and say, "Helpin'?" Often your help is more messy than it is helpful, but we don't mind. We think it's pretty adorable.
20. When you drop something or mess up, you say, "Dang it!" No comment on whom you may have learned that from...

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