Thursday, February 17, 2011

the comedy continues

I have some more comedy to add to this pregnancy. At least, I'm hoping if I call it comedy it will become funny.

Despite the fact that I've made conscious efforts to eat better and exercise more than I did when I was pregnant with Annabelle (minus days when I was completely ill), I'm officially gaining too much weight. I spin almost every day, lift weights a few times a week, cut out sugary drinks (I totally consumed them en masse with Belle), and watch my portions and/or food choices carefully. Plus, if I eat anything too rich or greasy, I just barf anyway. It's completely frustrating. My best guess is that my body is jacked up - I had an organ removed (thyroid) then weeks later got pregnant. (Listen, we thought it would take longer. As it turns out, Jess just sneezed in my general direction and BOOM.) My body doesn't know up from down, and then there's this little, cute parasite sucking the life out of me at the same time.

I'm officially on a low-carb, NO SUGAR diet for the duration of this pregnancy. COMEDY. And it isn't the diet that bugs me so much as the fact that I've been so careful this time around (I was pretty carefree when pregnant with Belle), and still I'm having issues. Why can't pregnancy be easy for just a minute for me? 

If you're one of those ladies who can eat what she wants and exercise if you want when you're pregnant and then return to your old body after giving birth, I'd recommend not mentioning this around me. And please, consider yourself blessed and lucky. It's beyond frustrating to try so hard for absolutely nothing. I feel like a failure.

If anyone has awesome low-carb meals, send them my way. Because as much as I love brown rice and salad, it's going to get old. Real fast.

P.S. Baby is doing great. My body just sucks.

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