Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a bunch of garbage

So other than her "babies," Annabelle also has a particular affection for her dollies (the little Strawberry Shortcake ones that came in McDonald's Happy Meals) and her ponies (the My Little version). She carries them around in a bag all the time, and if they're not in the bag, they're taking a nap, as she says, in the silo that came with her Little People barn (a Christmas present score from the D.I.).

The past few days, however, said dollies and ponies have been missing. She was constantly looking around for them and checking the silo thinking that they must have just gotten real tired and wandered into their napping silo all by themselves. But alas, even with my help we hadn't unturned them. 

Until today. 

When I emptied the diaper pail. 

They were at the bottom. 

You're welcome for not taking pictures of that joyous discovery.


Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Hello!!!! Why have I been so absent from your awesome life lately! I love that you are pregs - and I am glad you are feeling better.

I think it's ridiculous we are so close and have not gotten together. You guys are in SLC right?

Lets get a play-date my friend!!! I want to see this darling girl. She can teach Holden how to talk. :)
Sounds like they are about the same size too!

Luvs - me

Sare said...

haha, we have to check the recycling bin every time before we dump it in the big one outside because USUALLY we find fridge letters, bits of legos, toddler forks, and dominoes in there. We're still hoping our Mac remote turns up someday...


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