Tuesday, February 18, 2014

winter wonderland

So we went to Yellowstone this past weekend. Most of you know that Yellowstone is basically a second home to us. We make at least one trip each summer. The entire Cheney crew also likes to make winter visits. It's not every year, but quite often. And before I say anything else about this trip, I want to make this clear: Yellowstone in the winter is spectacular. Magical. We already love that spot of earth, but seeing it covered and sparkling is amazing. The animals are also fairly stunning in winter: thriving, strong, beautiful.

But this trip wasn't just about the beauty. It was about the barf. Remember the never ending illness that has pervaded our family (Lou)? It went on vacation with us! Yay! Vomit. Lots of vomit.

Hotel room = vomit. Car = vomit. Shauntel = vomit. Lou's blanket = vommmmit.

It's honestly hard to think about anything more than...vomit. But we did manage to have some fun as Lou only spent half the time ill. Here are some photos. To distract me from the. You know what.

And really. It's a lovely place to visit in winter. Wind so cold it bites, but it also clears your mind. It's singularly beautiful.

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