Thursday, February 21, 2013

things i love

+ When Annabelle sings made-up songs and she thinks I can't hear her. Her fake vibrato is spot on and her combination of real and made up lines is pretty much the stuff of current pop music.
+ When Lou says "please" in tandem with the object she wants. Last night at Papa's house, she ran up to me and said, "Peas hot." Jess was like, "Dude. She's been saying that for a half hour. No idea." Candy heart man. Indeed. Girl loves her cinnamony gummy hearts.
+ Being home. We've traveled to Hawaii, St. George, and Yellowstone National Park (photos in this post are from Yellowstone) this year. Just this year! We have a minute of down time before we head out on another adventure (one hint: cherry. blossoms.) and I'm really loving putting life back together - emptying the suitcases, folding the laundry, and settling into real life routines again.
+ The empty walls of my lovely little house that are starting to come together in my mind. I've been taking my time with decorating and filling in the spaces of our home. Let's be honest - we still have boxes to be unpacked. Not many, but some. And our laundry room, which doubles as a large storage area is in desperate need of some organization. Not to mention Lou's room, which is currently half kid stuff dumping ground, half sleeping place. But that's just the point. It's mine and it's waiting for me to get busy. I love love love this house so much.
+ This song. I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan (everything just sounds the same), but I love this cover version.
+ This song. For spinning (or alternatively, this would be great for running too.) Can't you just feel your legs itching to go.go.go?
+ The fact that Cap'N Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch cereal is GLUTEN FREE. Guys. Life changer. The great thing about eating gluten free is it eliminates a lot of your common junk foods. The crappy thing about eating gluten free is it ELIMINATES A LOT OF YOUR LIFE'S BLOOD. Thus, my gratitude for gluten-free peanut butter tooth decay.
NOTE: Owl beanie made by my mom. Pony tail beanies made by my sister, Marissa. So glad my girls have creative people who love them. :)
P.S. Both song recommendations come from my sister, Danielle. She ALWAYS has the best new songs for me.
P.P.S. Cap'N Crunch cereal doesn't contain straight gluten. But it isn't declared gluten free as it is possibly cross-contaminated with gluten (other food items in the same factory are made with gluten). Additionally, oats unless specifically gluten free are generally not accepted by the Celiac community. As far as I know, I don't have Celiac's, but simply function better on a gluten free diet. Moral of the story: I eat oats and foods that may be cross contaminated. Thus far, this method has worked great for me.

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danielle said...

totes listening to begin again as I read this.


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