Wednesday, February 20, 2013

it's been said

{while taking a bath}
Mom! MOM! This tub is a reflection of the tub at the apartment!
{while cornbread bakes}
The oven is kind of heats me.
Belle: Can I do stuff in Hawaii?
Me: Of course! What do you want to do?
Belle: The best I want to do is build sand castles!
{the thing I want to do most = best = I love it}
{while in Hawaii}
Jess: Are you my hiking girl?
Belle: No. I am NOT a hiking girl anymore. I'm a SWIMMING girl!
{Lou screeches}
Me: What's wrong with Lou?
Belle: Nothing...
Me: Well, what happened?
Belle: She got smooshed.
Me: By you?
Belle: Uh. Yeah.
Mom, this skirt is so Hawaiianess!
I think the trees sleep. And the sun wakes them up.
But the sun is so quiet. It just shines.
{to me, downstairs}
Mom, come upstairs and see the brilliant thing I can do.
{a tumbling trick}
 Belle: Mom, can I have another bowl of chips?
Me: Nope, remember I said just one.
Belle: But Mom! They're soooo good!
Me: But Belle! I said just one bowl.
Belle: But Mom. I'll not have FIVE bowls. Just TWO.
Belle: Mom, may I be excused?
Me: A couple more bites please.
Belle: But Mommmmmm.
Me: How old are you?
Belle: I'm three.
Me: Okay, three more bites.
Belle: Welllllll, actually I'm just one.
{after an impromptu dance concert of her own during her aunt's concert}
I don't even need a dance teacher Mom!
{after a dance number during the concert, holding her program like an adult}
Mom, that dance was very good.
{while using the public restroom}
Belle: And then I was like, blah blah...
Me: So you're done going to the bathroom?
Belle: Oh, no! Sorry.
{Puts her head in her hand.}
I'll focus.
{while eating a pancake}
Belle: I'm done. May I be excused?
Me: How about two more bites.
{I fork two pieces on to the fork,
thinking I'll trick her into a couple extra pieces.}
Belle: Well, there are two pieces on the fork.
So that would be my two bites, right?
Me, while reading a food label: this gluten free?
Belle: It tastes gluten free!
{as I try to walk into the living room}
Belle, moving some toys: Here, I'll get this out of the's kind of a disaster.
{while discussing cleaning up after ourselves}
Belle: I should help you clean up. But sometimes I'm just so busy!
cake-coo (thank you, and she says this without prompting a lot, which melts me)
peppa (pepperoni, she literally likes to eat these, the turkey variety)
haw-daw (turkey hot dog, dipped in ranch,
preferably, a trick she learned from her sister)
app-uh (apple)
aw-duh (all done)
hi-hi-hi (hold her hand or help her with something)
uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh (while pointing, she wants something)
banky (her blanket)
beebee seeping (baby sleeping, like her dolls, whom she covers
with blankets and bounces and pats to sleep and everything)
sah! (sad, like when her sister is throwing a tantrum)
whe-go? (where did s/he go?)
cup! cup! (a drink)
wawahr (water)
chip! (you guessed it, chips)
chuck-utt (chocolate)
chock (also chocolate)
seat (she wants to sit down, usually in your seat)
ear go (here you go, as in when she brings
you a plate of play food "to eat")
show! (she wants to watch a movie, or have
the Kindle read her a story)
I deed it! (I did it!)
dad woke? (dad's at work?)
cope-cake (pancake)
ott! (off! as in take her shoes or coat off)
uh-ky (okay - you will die if you ever hear this, cutest thing ever)
jaw (draw - she wants to draw, probably with crayons, on the walls)
oh keeewwwwt! (oh cute! usually when clothes shopping
{she gets it from Belle, who finds most clothing items cute}
or small babies or animals)


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