Monday, March 4, 2013

photo dump

This post is for those whose titles begin with Grandma or Aunt and don't mind a lack of wordy dialogue. 

Instead, a handful of random photos, with tidbits of the goings-on.

Also, if you have a special pill or machine that will freeze my babies at exactly these ages, I'm in the market.

News flash: she's NOT a baby anymore. In the last month or so, she has just looked so grown up. It kind of breaks my heart. But then look how lovely she is. She requests random hair dos all the time now, which is fairly exciting for me as previously it was always, "just normal please."

She has her dad's phone and wallet, with the credit cards and driver's license out for easy access. She kind of kills me. 

Last week, I had a thyroid doctor's appointment early in the morning, so Jess worked from home until I got back. Annabelle got herself dressed and ready (I did her hair). She was unbelievably proud of this outfit. I let her wear it all day. :)

When Lolly does something she knows is naughty, she pretty much laughs when she gets in trouble, as seen here. She got quiet this afternoon for too long, and I found her with her favorite no-no - a box of tampons. Beats me guys.

But if she gets in trouble for something that she doesn't understand is wrong - in this case, putting Desitin on as chapstick - she breaks down. Her heart breaks. And we don't even "get mad." If we say "no-no" too forcefully in these cases, she breaks down for an hour, convinced she's committed a handful of unpardonable sins. 

Also, I look like my mother back there.

Also, we totes matched on purpose.

With the DISGUSTING weather we've been having (except today, today THE SUN IS OUT AND IT IS GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GLORIOUS), the kids (meaning Jess and the girls) have been very busy with the Legos. This is a Lego cake, built entirely by Annabelle, over the course of two days. It is her most epic creation thus far, and I'm seriously so proud of her. Her Daddy's just a little proud too. :)

Lolly's contribution to the Lego playing involves gathering any and all Lego wheels and carrying as many as humanly possible in two hands and outfitting Lego men with hats and clothes.


lichelle said...

1. They're both so cute.
2. Lolly's hair is looking curlier.
3. I totally thought that was me in that shot and wondered why I couldn't remember the incident.
4. Lolls wants to be like Auntie Don-Don (Desitin on the face).
5. I miss these babies.

Kristen said...

I totally thought that was mom!

littlered said...

Not to sound redundant but I thought you were Lichelle too! And I love those babes! The absolute cutest!!!


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