Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So I mentioned here that Annabelle has taken up a particular liking to drawing, coloring, sketching. All day long. Notebooks full. They are full of the people she loves, the toys she treasures, the things she sees, the vacations she remembers, and every day occurrences.

The other day I walked by and saw her notebook open to the most current illustration:

TRANSLATION: Lou Lou in her underwear.

I actually laughed out loud, and had to explain to Belle that I wasn't making fun of her, but that I thought this was maybe the best thing I'd ever seen. This is the kind of gem that makes these notebooks valuable. You better believe Imma hoard these for the rest of all time. And when she's grown up she can open them up and we can laugh together and she can realize how truly marvelous she was when she was four years old.


Kirsti said...

Ha! My oldest isn't much of a sketcher, but he has taken to writing loving, occasionally passive aggressive, and always hilarious "love" notes for all of us. (He looooved Valentines Day, and wrote "friendship" cards for just about everyone he knows.)

A few weeks ago, he got more than usually frustrated with the constant struggle of sharing with his brother (him and me both...). When he went to tackle the uncooperative Robert, I cautioned him to "use his words" instead. He disappeared to the other room and came back with a note that read: "oca I cat tac it enemrr." (Translation: Okay, I can't take it anymore [implied plethora of exclamation marks].)

Kids are so cute when they're not completely obnoxious. (Well. I guess they're sometimes cute even then--especially if they're someone else's.)

Corina said...

That drawing is hilarious! So great! Annabelle is so cute.


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