Monday, June 1, 2009

weighing in

So is it a bad thing when you step on the scales at your 34 week appointment, and the nurse says:

"OH GOOD. You lost a pound."

I think I should've probably adopted this little-to-no-exercise physical fitness program much earlier in pregnancy.

And please pass the doughnut holes.


The Harrises said...

Animal cookies, geodes, Glee,lips---I'm missing so much. I've been so on the go that I haven't been up to date with the latest news. I'm glad you're doing well. You don't have much longer. I'm looking forward to the post of your baby. I'll be sure to be eating Animal Cookies when I'm reading it.

jaesi said...

"Oh good"

That is awesome. Youll show her. Eat hearty. :)

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

I never lost during pregnancy... just kept gaining and gaining and gaining like a champ. On the flipside... I lost 29 lbs in like the first 3 weeks post-partum; but still manage to be 15 lbs overweight (and it's unfortunately not baby-weight... just me being my normal fatty self).

Btw, I need your address. I have ordered a little some'n-some'n for you to pass the time...;)

Do I send it to SG? What address is best. Email me m'kay?
( - I think you have it, but just in case.)


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