Sunday, August 23, 2009

cupcake diet

So we arrived safely in Durham. (Which means that Miss Annabelle survived her first cross country journey. And Mom learned that traveling will never be the same, although the Little Miss did travel like a champ.)

When we walked into our apartment I began hugging every surface - the walls, the couch, my bed. I'd missed them so much. When I left Durham, I was 30 weeks pregnant and suffering from ridiculous pelvic pain. So when I packed, I think I truly believed I'd be pregnant forever. I packed mostly maternity clothes - large tents for shirts, pants with stretchy waistbands, my husband's t-shirts. So after Annabelle was born, I was left with just a few shirts I'd tossed in on the off chance that I would actually give birth at some point. Arriving home to my closet was like Christmas. I wanted to drown myself in my clothes. And who knew I had more than flip flops for shoes? And that my feet would actually fit in them?

It was seriously the best day ever. And then I tried to wear some of those clothes.

Looks like my cupcake diet is not conducive to pre-pregnancy clothing.

Dang. It.


Marissa said...

uh oh, pee pee face!

Anonymous said...

Shauntel! Your baby is a doll!!! She is beautiful!!! It´s so hard and soooo nice to be a mom. Im expecting another baby girl. I think this family only knows how to make girls. My mom already has 7 grandaughters and finally one boy will come next mom. With my next baby, there will 8 girls and 1 boy.


Take care!

Angela Castro Freire

Kelly said...

Don't worry Shaunts. They'll fit again. But give it time. And I advise you not to go clothes shopping for awhile. Except for a few in between things. But otherwise you'll just get frustrated. She's still so little - give yourself time!

The Isoms said...

What cute pictures!

singingrae said...

Bahahahahahaha! I know exactly how you feel. I used to get so frustrated post-pregnancy trying to fit back into everything. Honestly, give yourself at least 6 months...then 6 more if that doesn't work. :) Love ya and HAPPY BIRFDAY!


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