Wednesday, October 7, 2009

smoke on a froggy day*

So the first year we lived here, we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway at exactly the right moment - the leaves were exploding in vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow. Everywhere you looked, there was something you needed to take a picture of. Last year, we hit it one week too late. It was still beautiful, but many of the leaves had fallen and the trees were making their way into winter hibernation.

This year, our last year, Jess is determined to catch them. We made the trek out this week (again, about two hours away, don't even get me started on the two hour to everything rant), and while we figured we'd be a bit early to catch much color change, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

This is what we found.

And it was amazing.

So surreal. Jess would be thirty feet away taking pictures, and the only way we could find him was by finding the lights on his camera.

For years, I've wanted this photo from Target. It's huge and beautiful, and costs way more than I'm willing to pay.

I would've never guessed I could find it in my own backyard.

*The title of this post will mean the most to one of my sisters. When she was little, one foggy day, we must've gone and picked up a Coke, for my dad I imagine (although he has since converted to Coke Zero). She announced that we had gotten a smoke (Coke) on a froggy day. :)


jaesi said... do you say.....Im swiping these. :)
Awesome beautiful fog.

Sare said...

Beautiful. Most artsy. Tell Jess he should make and sell calendars. I would surely buy one.

Kristen said...

HAHAHA! A froggy day! I was so smart. Those photos are amazing. Who needs target anymore?


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