Saturday, November 21, 2009

even though...

...Even though it makes me sad to see the leaves fall, I'm secretly giddy that winter is on its way.

...Even though I swore off Glee, every week I find myself resisting the urge to turn off the TV after SYTYCD ends. I suppose the immoral factor is a little lower, but still. Let's be honest, I'm just totally obsessed with the songs.

...Even though I actually enjoy Christmas crowds from time to time, I have to say that Christmas shopping online is the smartest thing I've ever done. Next to eating chocolate before and after every meal. And sometimes as a snack in between. (Why can't I lose this baby weight?!)

...Even though Thanksgiving is still a week away, our stockings our hanging already. This is mostly because there's no room to store anything in this tiny apartment, so instead of stashing them, I thought we'd start celebrating.

...Even though I'm not pregnant, I will not be eating ham for any holiday meal. Pregnancy killed the small tolerance I had for ham in the first place.

...Even though I promise myself I'll clean my closet every day (there's got to be something in there that fits!), a little girl with brown/blue eyes usually ends up persuading me that playing with her would be more fun.

...Even though my fridge is full of leftovers, I keep cooking. I'm totally obsessed with new meals. (Have I mentioned I'M NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE?)

...Even though I wanted to post yet another photo of my Belle, I refrained and instead you are enjoying the smoky clouds that give the Great Smokies their name.

1 comment:

Marissa said...

C'mon, Sooh! You could've put pictures of the smokies AND Annabelle.


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