Sunday, May 2, 2010

let's pretend

Let's pretend that ten months haven't passed. Let's pretend that she's not almost walking by herself (just a few steps before she takes a flying leap into our arms).  Let's pretend that she hasn't officially added another word or two to her baby vocabulary (mama, da!, ba!(th), num num). Let's pretend that she isn't trying to actually put puzzle pieces back by herself. Let's pretend that she can't identify my nose and her nose, back and forth. Let's pretend that she hasn't figured out how to get one arm out of her car seat straps. Let's pretend that she sleeps through the night regularly (no really, let's pretend).

Mostly, let's just pretend that she was just born yesterday, that she isn't growing this fast, and that she'll always be my tiny baby.

Let's pretend.


Diana said...

You're so fun to play pretend with! Now, let's pretend you all aren't moving in less than a month. Seriously, let's pretend!

I love your little one--no pretending on my part!

Snailbug said...

While we're pretending, let's pretend that you're still my tiny 6 pound 8 ounce baby. Yes, let's pretend. I like this game.


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