Saturday, July 10, 2010

for those of you

For those of you who might be trying to switch your kid from the bottle (or breast) to the sippy and are having only small amounts of luck, try Nuk's Learner sippy. The folks at Nuk did something magic to this little five ounce container of wonder - it's the only sippy she'll drink milk out of. In other words, it wouldn't be more valuable to me if it were glazed in gold.

For those of you like Flamin' Hot Cheetos, try the Cheetos Mighty Zingers Cheddar  & Salsa Picante. Not as flamin', but super delicious. Really good for my weight loss efforts too.

For those of you who want a super cute "poopy pouch," check out these super easy patterns. Because I'm about as handy with a sewing machine as I am at hitting a golf ball with a club, I'm recruiting my super talented sister-in-law to help me. (Read: to make it for me.) I'm packing less and less in the diaper bag these days, so it will be handy to just throw this in whatever I'm carrying.

For those of you who were looking for pictures of a baby practicing her sweet ninja moves, you're welcome. :)


Snailbug said...

The world is a safe place now with Belle protecting us.

The Harrises said...

Nice Ninja moves. Did you train her from your experience in Japan. Where are you guys at?

The Isoms said...

I have one of the NUK's for Lucas and he loves it too!


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