Monday, July 19, 2010

one of the girls

When Annabelle's Aunt Courtney had some friends over to play, Belle followed them around like a puppy dog (and they were so sweet to let her). She loves doing whatever the big kids are doing, especially if the big kids happen to be a gaggle of girls. When the girls went out to eat some pizza, they were nice enough to let Belle accompany them. I looked out the window to see her sitting in their circle, munching on bits of pizza, just like one of the girls. 

I think it's perfectly adorable. I have three sisters, and they are my best friends. With our mama, we make possibly the best group of women ever.  And watching her follow these girls around, giggling when they giggled, playing the games they were playing, I decided she really needs a sister. Because they are seriously the best.

Now if only someone could do something about that whole being pregnant thing. Because I think I have to do that again to give her a chance at a sister. Dang. It. :)

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Kirsti said...

...Not to mention your chances of having a girl are only 50/50. So you could potentially have to go through several boys -- and several pregnancies -- just to get that sister.

Not that I have anything against boys, 'cause they totally rock, but still...


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