Monday, December 20, 2010

while we were out

So listen. I customarily dream up random Christmas projects every year. And it's not unusual for me to push my projects to the very last minute because I pretty much thrive on procrastination. Ask any of my employers: there is nothing like a deadline to get me to produce the most excellent work ever. 

The problem this year was (actually "the problem IS" seeing as how I still have a few more unfinished - seriously?) that along with these projects, I have a Little Miss, who is growing up. And doing it fast. Gone are the one word pointing gestures of yester year. We're working on counting (one! two! teeeee! then ten!), she decided she'd go ahead and learn M and O to go with A and Y (these are always random, and a product of her alphabet puzzle, totally swear by it), and she's decided sentences are fun: "I lub ewe!" (I love you!), "I did eet!" (I did it!), "I got eet!" (I got it), "Dad, woke? Come back?" (Dad's at work? He'll come back?). I wish I could complain that my baby is growing up, but really, it's a total joy to be a part of her life. Even if my projects don't get done and my blog gets totally ignored, my Belle makes my day, every day.

Oh, and she's totally dressing herself these days. Don't be jeal. Her outfits are sweeeet.

 And listen, don't even try to pretend you haven't had an itch before...


Anonymous said...

Haha! I love it! She is so cute! Fun to see how you guys are doing.

Katie Whited (SMITH)

Rachel said...

She is so so cute! We have a Christmas card to send you but we don't have your address. Will you email it to me? ( Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

She just keeps getting cuter. \\\i do love the outfit. Mine has moved on from the creative dressing. She is now a nudist.


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