Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

Written in October 2009, just a few months after Annabelle was born:

...The best part is sometimes I think she listens to me. Not exactly to my words, although she does seem to do that as well, but to something inside me, as though being inside me taught her to listen differently. She knows just when to snuggle her face into mine as she sits on my lap talking (she chats quite regularly these days), those big eyes smiling up at me, her baby hand holding my chin. This bond, this ability to communicate, is not something I expected or contemplated those long nine months. It runs deeper than I could've ever imagined. Oh how I hope that the both of us can just keep listening. Because there are some pretty spectacular things to hear.

For what I've heard the last two years, I'm so very grateful. And for what I'll continue to hear for years to come I'm forever grateful. Motherhood is my favorite thing. I love it even more than chocolate and cupcakes. I'm so very lucky to be a mom, and I thank those who've made me so - my mom for providing the perfect mold for me to attempt to squeeze my too tall body into, my husband for embarking on parenthood with me and supporting me at every turn, and my babies(!!) for truly making me a mother. I'm living my dream, one filled with chubby, yummy toddler ideas and on-the-inside kicks and nudges. There isn't anything better.

Happy Mother's Day all.

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Diana said...

Your words truly make my heart smile! Happy Mother's Day to an incredible mom. Miss you!


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