Monday, June 6, 2011

heating up

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I'm having a love/hate relationship with the heat. On the one hand, I'm really ready to be rid of snow and rain and all things cold. When I'm pregnant, snow makes me cranky. (When I'm not, snow makes me haaapppyyy.) And although I'm a little annoyed that summer felt like it was more important than spring and just skipped right over that beautiful season, for the most part, I'm happy the sun is shining and the pools are open, and I can begin my pre-labor tan. (Because when I had Belle, the front side of me was nearly black. The back side? More on the white side as I couldn't really flip over during tanning. The nurses got a real kick out of this during delivery. I'd hate to disappoint this time around.)

On the other hand, I forget that having a roughly three pound baby inside me, plus all its accessories (a much better word than all the gross technical words) makes me H-O-T. Holy smokes, I'm a sauna, a living sauna. Sleeping has become more ridiculous than ever, and even when the a/c is blowing on me, I'm pretty sure sweat is just waiting to pour from my brow. I'm just so dang hot. And no one needs to remind me that I have to make it through July. I have a mental calendar ticking the minutes at all times. And boy howdy.

Thank heavens for swimming, air conditioning, and shaved ice (yeah yeah, I have to eat the sugar free kind, I know, blah blah).

Also, I'd have made a crap pioneer. Although my incessant whining probably would've really encouraged people to run - not walk - to the valley. So perhaps I'd have been an asset?

P.S. Boo had her first "swimming lesson" on Saturday. Mostly, we just learned how to not be frightened of water. Although she got some good kicking, bubbles, and jumping in by the end. And more photos were taken; strangely, there's a large whale with her in most shots, so they didn't make the cut.

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