Tuesday, June 14, 2011

picked through

While at the grocery store, Annabelle requested some Marshmallow Mateys (that is, the cheap Lucky Charms). And since we pretty much feed her chili for breakfast (no really, just yesterday that was her request), I went ahead and threw some in the cart. The whole way home she talked about the "see-ul" she was going to eat. And when we walked in the door, she promptly requested a pink bowl with see-ul, sat down on the couch, and then proceeded to pick all the marshmallows out. Naturally.
Also, you might notice some strange redness on her face. Trust me when I say this is the least of the leprosy today. Our best guess is she took her dang blanket, whom {yes, that pronoun implies the blanket has human qualities} she loves with all her heart, and wrapped it tightly around her face while sleeping. I often check on her and notice the mummifying effect, so I unwrap her. But somehow I missed this time. So she literally cooked her face. She gave herself a ridiculous heat rash on her face because she loves her blanket that much. She's nuts.

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