Saturday, July 16, 2011

the cure for cankles?

For any of you nearing your last days of pregnancy, I have a suggestion: I need you to eat more watermelon than you've ever eaten before. I'm being serious. Like, this isn't just a slice here, a slice there. This is a deep and committed relationship. Anytime you want a snack, eat watermelon. And then eat a little more.

Because I sincerely believe that the only reason I don't have cankles (at nearly 39 weeks) is because I eat watermelon. All. Day. Long. The other day I lugged a huge watermelon up the stairs, walked inside, cut it open, and stood over my kitchen sink until I had eaten an entire fourth of that honey, by myself.

It's not really normal the way I consume watermelon. Honestly. Ask anyone who has been around me for more than five minutes. And I know it bloats my belly and makes bathroom visits much more frequent, but when your belly is already sticking out to Nevada, you might as well just keep eating the dang stuff. Especially if it's the secret cure for cankles.

I'm just sayin'...


Kelly said...

Shaunts! I loved all the posts I just got caught up on. And I'm so very excited for you to have a baby any day now (and be done being pregnant in the dead of summer.) good luck to you friend!

Julie said...

Hello my dear, long, lost pregnant friend. I thought I better congratulate you on your pregnancy before you actually have the baby (nothing like waiting until the last minute…it looks like you only have a couple of days left). And I don’t know what took you so long to post some pregnancy pictures; you look really good! Anyways, you make such a cute mom and I am so glad you will be getting a new addition to your family shortly. :)

Julie said...

Oops...just wanted to say a couple of more things. I love reading your blog and looking at all the pictures of Annabelle. She is frickin' adorable!

The Harrises said...

Yes! It's true, she does love watermelon.


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