Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's been said

While eating a banana and burping shortly after a swallow: "My banana barfed."
When sliding around me to reach something: "Scuse me Mommy."
When bumping into me when sliding around me to reach something: "I sorry Mommy."
When announcing she's finished with her dinner: "I want not any."
When trying to get our attention: "Let me ask you a question."
(She doesn't actually have a question.)
After I told her she needed to use the potty not a diaper: "Stop saying that!" (Oh boy.)
After I moved her leg to pull a towel out from under her: "Don't push me!"
After I hear her whimper a bit and ask what's wrong: "I just need a hug."
(If that doesn't melt you, I don't know what will.)
If she sees a popsicle in the vicinity: "Let me hold it please?"
After I ask her a litany of dinner options: "No, I good."
When trying to be conversational: "Uh-whatchadoin' Mommy?"
(The inflection of this smooshed up sentence makes it really excellent.)
After reciting with me (for the billionth time) what will happen when Mommy
"goes to the doctor to get the baby out," she finishes the conversation with,
"And remember, Mommy loves me so much."
(I almost cried. I'm so grateful she listens so well.
Because while I'm not here, I really need her to remember that.)


eclaires said...

Love these Belle quotes. :) She is very loved and will be such a great big sister!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

I really need to be better at writing down the cute quotes. I love these. Totally random...as I tend to be. For a laugh, check out these pregnancy t-shirts
My sister and I laughed.


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