Tuesday, September 13, 2011

meet rosie

For Belle's birthday, just a few weeks before Lydia's actual birth day, my mom and sisters (minus the sister who lives in TX) were able to come up and celebrate. I was big as a house at that point and really didn't feel like moving much, but we still managed to have a little party. They were very thoughtful and outfitted her with a new baby, complete with a stroller, (doll) baby carrier, and her very own crocheted (by Grandma) doll-sized blanket. It was intentional, of course, as they wanted her to have a baby of her own when I brought home a new baby. What I'm not sure they expected was that this doll would become the favorite. She does have a handful of kids that she regularly dotes on, but this one is by far the favorite. She will even tell you so if you ask. She smells like roses and when we asked Annabelle what her name was, she paused and thought for a few seconds, then said, "Rosie." (Similarly, when I asked her the Jazz bear toy's name, she paused and thought for a few seconds, then said, "Jasmine." Girl has naming skillz.)
And so Rosie Roo has become a regular member of the family. So regular, in fact, that she somehow whacked Lydia in the head yesterday morning. :) Belle loves this doll so very much and takes her everywhere. She rocks her and burps her and bounces her on her hip. What is rather crazy is I see myself in her. I know she's mimicking me, but to actually hear my words come out of her little body is so very strange. I'm told I was very much like Annabelle - a little mommy from the beginning. It's so so adorable and makes me so happy that I have a little helper.

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