Monday, November 28, 2011

belated thanksgiving

We had decided we'd go to St. George for Thanksgiving if my sister had delivered her baby by Wednesday (the day before). If she hadn't, I was going to wait until she popped and then head down. Rissa went into labor Sunday night (before Thanksgiving). After an agonizing Monday spent staring at my phone, practically willing it to announce that baby's birth, little Lise was here. And so off we went.

On Thanksgiving morning, long before the sane humans had even thought of waking, Jess was on the road to Bryce Canyon. He caught sunrise...
...and then "a few" other shots like this...
We loved on the new little baby...
I just want to say that I wouldn't be at all sad if I aged like this woman does.
She's my mother. Not my sister. Just a clarification there. ;)
We had our traditional meal of untraditional Thanksgiving food because really, who needs a turkey when you can just eat carb-loaded homemade rolls? I discovered and cultivated a new love of Jalapeno Cheetos (seriously - don't try them if you don't want to gain a few pounds of Cheetos weight). And on Friday, Jess and I hit some Black Friday sales.  Annabelle entertained us with her randomisms...

Belle: I want my roll back Daddy.
Jess: Where is it?
Belle: In Miley's mowf. {the dog}

And Lou entertained us with her baldness...
But mostly, we just sat around giggling til our guts hurt. (Or was that the inordinate amount of rolls I consumed?) And we just had the most lovely time. If driving alone with two babies didn't give me ulcers and a nice sheet of acne, I'd be back tomorrow.

As close to a family photo as we could get.
My husband was with his other wife. His camera.
Photos of the girls by dc photography.


eclaires said...

I love that little bald baby of yours.

singingrae said...

A-dorable! I love the pics of the three of you. You're right, she's so bald and SO cute!!! I love bald babies! Benson was bald forever...he looked just like BJ. hehehe
Will you be down for Christmas?


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