Thursday, November 3, 2011

some smokies

Here's the truth: I don't even know where all the photos of the Smokies are. I know they've been offloaded - but their destination is unknown to me. And by staying ignorant, I avoid the responsiblity of sorting through them. Because seriously, there's crazy and then there's Jess. He takes so many photos it gives me ulcers. I'm not even the one responsible for them, yet the thought of all those files just piling on top of each other makes my head hurt. And then I have to drink Diet Dr Pepper. Although the two incidents are likely unrelated.

But the husband has gone through a handful of photos. And by handful, I mean a handful. Just a small tip of the photo glacier my friends. But here's proof that we went. And that it was beautiful. It was a much more stressful trip for me than Gatlinburg trips of the past as I had an extra baby and the first baby has an opinion these days. But it was still lovely. I distinctly remember walking out of the Knoxville airport (where we flew in), and I stood there (five bags of luggage, two car seats, and two babies hanging off of me), shut my eyes, and breathed in that woodsy, mountain air. There's something about that air that is almost tangible. It's one thing I truly miss. We have our Utah mountains, and they are truly spectacular. But the air is different here. The air in Tennessee was refreshing and full of foliage. And I loved it.

 P.S. I still want to find the photos that actually have humans in them. I'll work on it.

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eclaires said...

Oh, I so want to go. :)


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