Friday, January 13, 2012

bath baby

For some reason, I regularly bust the camera out after bath time to take pictures of Lou Lou. I did the same thing with Belle. It actually ended up being pretty fun with Annabelle to see how she grew through bath time photos. And so it continues. They're just so darn cute all fresh from the bath, right?
And here's a random bath time tidbit about Lou: she does not like a lukewarm bath. She shivers. Convulses even. But put her in a marginally hot bath? And she reclines like a retired old man on the deck of a cruise ship. Minus the leathery, wrinkled skin. Well, she also kick kick kicks. But mostly she just loves to be all toasty.
Dead ringer for her sister here...
But definitely little Loula here. That face is all her own.

Also, that hair is curly. I swear it. I'll be really surprised if I'm wrong, although I suppose it's happened before. Once or twice. :)

P.S. These photos were taken a few days ago, before the snots took over our lives. If you were wondering why she was smiling so nice, it's because she can breathe.

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