Friday, March 30, 2012

it's been said

{after a Sunday full of all the senior citizens telling her she looks like Shirley Temple}
Belle, sounding a little nervous: Hey Mom, am I Shirley Temple?
Me: No, you just look a lot like a little girl with curly hair named Shirley Temple.
Belle: But I'm Annabelle?
Me: Yes, you're Annabelle.
{I subsequently showed her photos of the real Shirley Temple}
{from inside the bathroom, while Lou Lou bangs on the door}
Mom, I hear a baby at the door!
{while I vacuum}
Don't bacuum up Lolly!
{as she babbles on her fake phone - a small board book in this case}
Me: Who are you talking to?!
Belle: {pauses} My huzzzband!
{while making cupcakes in the bath}
Want some cupcake ladder? {batter}
{singing Adele's "Rumor Has It" at the top of her lungs when she's supposed to be sleeping}
{while playing with her Lalaloopsies}
Let's go to french fry games!
Me: Please kneel. It's time for the prayer.
Belle: {giggles} Kneeeel is like Neil! {giggles some more}
{from the show White Collar, a show we love, so she subsequently loves it as well}
{singing in the back seat}
A parking lot! A Peter and a Neil in a parking lot!
The grrraaasss! And Peter and Neil! {from White Collar}
{while going down the slide at the playground}
Ready?! Go?! Set!!!
{flashing a big tooth smile}
Do I look teethy?
I'm going to the church that has xyllophones.
{and she says this last word totally correct, which totally cracks me up every time}
Belle: Who are these kids?
Me: I don't know. It's just a picture of kids playing together I think.
Belle: {thinks, then points} This is French Fry. And this is Gretel.
{while talking on the phone}
I'm calling Hawaii and Gatlinburg to come to my house.
{while smelling her stinky feet}
Ew! These smell gorgeous!
{after seeing a maroon Buick}
Hey! There's a car like Tanner's!
{Uncle Tanner drives his grandpa's old Buick :) }
These oranges are...orangey!
There's three cups Mommy! I don't know what to believe that!
{while driving, Lou Lou starts fussing}
Oh Lolly! Why are you freaking out? We're almost being there!
Mommy! Look! She has bangs like you!
{Maria, from The Sound of Music, after she falls in the lake and her hair gets messed up}

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