Monday, April 9, 2012


Our instructions as we began the Easter egg hunt, by Papa, were: "Okay, so the eggs for the little kids [the three grandchildren old enough to go seeking] are pastel eggs. The other eggs are for the big kids [the adults]." A moment of silence passed as we all digested these instructions, and then, from Tanner, the eighteen-year-old: "Um, Dad? What's pastel?" Of course, mayhem ensued as the toddlers - not knowing up from down, let alone pastel from primary colors - gathered up whatever eggs they could see, and the big kids started illegally checking the contents of the eggs in hot pursuit of the cash that some of the eggs were hiding. The best part was when we got inside and everyone started opening and sorting their eggs. Annabelle, who you'll remember was supposed to retrieve only pastel eggs (which had only candy), kept opening dollar after dollar after dollar egg. She'd crack it open, puzzle at the contents, then hold it up and go, "MONEY!" 

Oh, I should also mention the ant colonies that formed inside any egg containing Rolos. Uncle Joe spent most of the evening sucking ants up with the vacuum, while the kids would snatch candy, hide in a corner, and consume it in secret, and then run around in a sugar-induced frenzy. All in all, a regular comedy and a total riot. Much thanks to Papa, who took all the teasing in stride as we mocked the pastel eggs all night.

And a few more pictures of our Easter(ish) family. And seriously? The girls in their matchiness? I know. I know.


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Rachel said...

So, I just read this post out loud to my family and we were literally crying we were laughing so hard. Glad you had a good Easter. And, yes- your girls' matchy dresses are so so darling.


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