Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a breath of fresh air

So despite the fact that Jess has enough work for a fourteen month year (no really), and things on the home front are full of ridiculous first world "problems," like two epic birthday parties in one month and a fun - but time consuming - new church "job," as Belle calls it, we up and went to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons this weekend.

You see, this is the most stressed and maxed out our little family has ever been. The load honestly just keeps getting heavier every day, on every level. And even though our stressors are mostly silly and fairly easy to manage, we were in desperate need of some sort of break. And while a vacation with two babies and ten hours of driving in three days is never really a "vacation," it was so very nice to have actual hours of time together. Full conversations! Because truthfully, we haven't had many of those lately. The scenery - and the bear! - wasn't too bad either. (Yes, Jess was as close as it appears he was to that dang bear. Mauled husband, party of one?)

Thank you Jackson. For being the breath of fresh air that we needed, quite literally.

{WARNING. Photo dump ahead.}


Rachel said...

That bear is insane. Glad you still have a husband. But, it looks fun!

Riss said...

I miss those girls!


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