Monday, July 30, 2012

it's been said

{while playing, note who is speaking in both instances}
Belle: You're a good job Annabelle!
Belle: Well thank you!
{while shaking her booty}

I'm sexy and I know it!
{thank you SYTYCD}

{after dropping something}

Ah, suck!
{thank you Shauntel - BAD MOM ALERT}

{commenting on Lou's tired eyes after she just woke up}
Me: Oh, Lou's eyes aren't working yet!
Belle: Are they broking?
{heard several times a day, how she initiates a game of restaurant}
So, what would you like today?
{I usually respond with totally crazy things like,
carrots with tuna fish and chocolate}
Okay! I'll be right back!
{and she runs to her kitchen, or whatever has been
designated the restaurant at that moment, and fills my order}
{during a game of restaurant}
Me: Oh, thank you. Is this tomato soup?
Belle: No...{giggles}'s toe-maht-ah soup!
{during a game of restaurant}
Me: So is my food ready yet?
Belle: No, it's loading.
{to Lou}
Ugh! Stop following me!
{they both giggle}
{after stealing my chair}
Hey Mom. I busted into your seat! Are you apologizing into this?
{while I operatically sing the Star Spangled Banner}
Stop. Oh stop please. I don't like it.
{while singing Jingle Bells} another horse's sleeiiigh!
{while playing SYTYCD}
Don Don: So, what's your name?
Belle: {looks around, spots a plant} Um, Planty.
Don Don: Oh, hi Planty. How long have you been dancing?
Belle: NO! Ask me how old I am.
Don Don: Oh, how old are you Planty?
Belle: Five.
Don Don: Five years?
Belle: Yep.
Don Don: And how long have you been dancing?
Belle: Five....minutes.
Don Don: Wow. Okay are you nervous to dance for us?
Belle: Nope!
Don Don: Okay...cue music!
{Belle's psychotic dance moves begin}
{while she snuggles with Jess}
Me: Do you love your Daddy?
Belle: Yeah...
Me: You do?
Belle: Kind of...
Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Belle: Homemade bread with Nutella...
Me: Okay, homeade bread with Nutella it is.
Belle: Yeah, I would like that...for sure!
{while playing with her toys}
Hey Mommy?! I really like you! I really like you Mommy!
Jess: Is Mom married?
Belle: Yeah, Mom got married in the temple.
Jess: In the temple, huh. Who'd she marry?
Belle: She married YOU in the temple. {giggles}
Jess: Well, who are you going to marry?
Belle: You're going to marry me!
Jess: Well, who's Lou going to marry?
Belle: Lydia's a baby. She can't get married.
{while drinking Sprite, or spicy white water}
Whoa! I'm getting really really really spicy!
Me: How's that pretzel?
Belle: I pretty like it.
Belle: What is Lou eating?
Me: Pears and peas.
Belle: Random.
{while my mom crochets}
Belle: Are you still making that?
Grandma: Yeah.
Belle: You go for it.
{a few seconds later}
Belle: Are you still going for it?

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