Wednesday, September 26, 2012


+ So I've reached my Picasa Web Album limit. I'm at 99.9% capacity. This means I have to start paying for photo storage in order to continue posting photos on this blog. For those of you who haven't hit this limit, here's the quick rundown. Everything you upload through Blogger is stored in your Picasa Web Album (because Google owns you). Even if you don't use the photo or replace your header or anything - it's stored. You can delete unused photos (and I have), but the interface is clunky and hard to use and makes me want to kick something. To access your Picasa Web Albums, go here and scroll to the bottom (you will be asked to log in if you aren't already). In itty bitty print you will see how much space you have left.
I tried migrating my two Daily blogs (of the girls) to a different email address, but thus far, it isn't working. I'm really REALLY annoyed. It's only $2.50 a month. But $2.50 a month for the rest of all time is A LOT OF $2.50.
This is why I haven't posted more Yellowstone. I CAN'T. Lame.
Give me a few days. I'll figure something out. It might involved an elaborate plot wherein I decode Google's ownership of my soul.
+ I'm wearing sweat pants right now. This announcement is interesting not only because it proves that I'm lazy and don't like to wear pants, but also because they're sweat pants. It's cold enough outside for sweat pants! PRAISE THE HEAVENS! Fall, you are welcome here any time! I made pumpkin bread last night (a gluten free attempt that worked fairly well), and the smell was heavenly. Jess came home and said, "It smells like Christmas!" Yes, yes it does.
+ I've been gluten free for about three months now. It's kind of obnoxious and sometimes I feel like it's not worth it - say when a cupcake presents itself - but for my auto immune disease, it's the recommended diet. Truthfully, I feel much better. Like the glue(ten) has literally been removed from my system. I'm not so sluggish and stuckish. I've found some great recipes (in fact, it's not that hard to cook or bake gluten free). And my mom invented a banana oatmeal muffin recipe that is. to. die. for. You're welcome for that link. (By the way, if you blend your own almonds, it will be a nuttier muffin as the almond skin makes the texture more coarse. If you use (and buy) blanched almond flour, it's a smoother, more sweet and almondy muffin.)
+ The girls and I have a cold. It's loads of fun. LOADS. It's the kind that takes your throat and turns it to shreds. It feels super awesome.
+ My downstairs neighbor has music on so loud right now that my butt is currently vibrating in my chair. This might have something to do with the vibratability of my flabby toosh. But still.
If you want some perfectly lovely music (unlikely to vibrate bums) try this. My sister-in-law and I can't stop listening to it.
+ I'm knee deep in two super time consuming, very exciting, and totally brain frying surprises right now. One rhymes with "mouse." And starts with an H. But I feel like I'll totally jinx it if I talk about it. And so until I have the thing that rhymes with "me" and starts with a K in my hand. I ain't tellin'. The other one is not a new baby, although my uterus has informed me it would be fine being occupied any time now. Thus far, I've successfully ignored my chatty uterus. Good thing I have a Lala baby. She's still a baby, right? Right.

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Suzannah said...

Love the random post. I'm at 75% on my Picasa... I think Google already owns my soul.


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