Tuesday, October 9, 2012

lou lately

* Has developed a heavy aversion to her bed. She used to be best go-to-bed baby ever. She had a trophy. Put her in bed, say good night, sleep. Wallah! But she has been stripped of her honors. Now she pretty much wanders around like a drunk person until she falls asleep. Because we. Can't. Handle. The. Screaming. If we put her in her bed awake, she screams like the world just ended, and you caused it.

* But other than sleeping, she remains the happiest clam this side of the Mississippi. No really. You can't be around this kid for any period of time without getting happy. She's like a happy pill. But legal. And without any obnoxious side effects, except LACK OF SLEEP.

* She used to say "pease" when she wanted something or when we asked her to. Now? Now she does this:

Wha? Two hands over her mouth. Sometimes she does it over her whole face and stretches her face all crazy. It's her own sign language I think? It's fairly adorable.

* Other than that, she speaks Japaspanglish. No idea what she's ever saying. But she knows what she's saying. She carries on and on. And you'll ask her to repeat herself, and she does. She repeats her foreign syllables in exactly the same patterns. Just in some awesome dialect not familiar to our ears. I secretly never want her to learn real English. This version is to die for.

* Her obsession with reading persists. All day long. Read. Read. Read. You know, I didn't ever imagine that I could grow tired of reading. I love reading. But there are days...um yeah. I grow tired.

* Her face is always dirty. This is mostly because she chews on her hands constantly. If someone could please help her grow teeth? Please?

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