Friday, October 26, 2012


+ I went to a pure barre class on Wednesday night. If you were to watch this class, you'd probably think, "What's the big deal?" But if you were to take this class, you'd think you were dying after two minutes, after a half hour you'd think you might vomit unvoluntarily, and then two days later, you'd wake up and think, "Where did my legs go?" Because seriously, mine don't work. Of course, I have an illness, and I can't wait to go back. The good news is there isn't class next week, so I have some extra time to recover my calves.
+ Lou Lou went to her 15 month check up this week. The minute our pediatrician walked in, she started speaking in Japaspanglish to him. He talked back. Seriously the best pediatrician. Lou's super tall, has a giant head, and is a skinny little twig baby. And healthy all around.
+ Annabelle and I had the following conversation yesterday:

Me: Belle, leave Lou alone.
Belle: But why?
Me: Because I said so.
Belle: But why did you say, "So"?
Me: Because Isaidso.
Belle: BUT MOM. Why did you say, "So"?


+ I took my mom's gluten free banana muffin recipe and turned them into pumpkin muffins. They need a little tweaking, but after I get them just right, I'll share.
+ It snowed this week for the first time this year. My snow bunny, Belle, put on her boots and gloves and tried to make snowballs. It was fairly wet snow however, so she mostly just giggled and got freezing cold and wet. And wherever we go, she spots the snow patches and MUST stomp in them or she can't continue living.
+ I made my favorite loaded baked potato soup this week with gluten free, all purpose flour. It worked! Glory! It's slightly more grainy than regular flour, but the soup was gloriously delicious. Annabelle didn't prefer it, and I was all, "Bummer. Give me your bowl." Slurp slurp.
+ Sometimes Lou cries out in the night. So one of us walks in, she spots us, shuts her eyes, then crashes (literally) down in her bed, eyes shut, apparently dead asleep. It's hilarious and slightly annoying. I think she just needs to know we're there.
+ This summer, Grandma Cheney brought back mini flamenco dancer dresses for the girls from Spain. Recently, Annabelle has developed an obsession with this pretty little number and she wears it constantly. I don't allow it out of the house, but if we're home, she's a dancer.
+ This song is so very lovely. Go listen. And then listen again.
+ For those of you like me who find cow's milk fairly revolting, try out Almond Breeze Coconut/Almond milk. Holy smokes. Nutty, fatty, goodness. And way more calcium than regular cow's barf, I mean milk, so don't even start with me.
+ I'm almost done Christmas shopping. No really. Granted, I bought the girls' big gift (a doll house) like six months ago when I found a killer deal. But I've also scooped up some other random trinkets. And Jess and I are giving each other a real house. (Yay! Christmas in my own home!)

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