Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blended up redhead

So I'd say we're 75% packed. (By the way, this isn't very impressive when you consider that we've been 50% packed for like a year.) The remaining 25% has been waiting until we're really ready to move. Which is this weekend. Yet, I just keep finding other really great things to do. Like online Christmas shop. Even though I'm technically done Christmas shopping. OR blog. Why not?
For those of you worried about blended up redhead on our walls, it remains. In the bedrooms. You see, it was actually a happy accident. Jess always wanted darker rooms. But I was like, dude, no. Not brown. And when we painted it on the main wall, it was most def too dark for the whole house, so we dismissed blended up redhead like a bad date with BO. And red hair.
Of course, then the painter somehow forgot that he'd taken our paint choices and stored them in his truck, and instead took the leftover rejects from the house and had several billion gallons of blended up redhead stirred up. Yuck.
We agonized all weekend over the walls. They'd finished the bedrooms and cut in the rest of the house. I've done enough painting (mostly the tanning salons I worked at, thank you Jim and Julie!) to know one thing: cutting in is the sucky, time consuming part. Rolling is the best, most quick part. There are few more lovely sounds in the world than the sound of a perfectly sticky with paint roller. Seriously. That and a can of soda popping open.
I digress. So we went back and got our carpet sample to decide if blended up redhead was "that bad." We stared and agonized and cried (me) about it. Neither of us could sleep. We finally decided we needed to ask for what we wanted. But with a compromise - we'd keep the bedrooms blended up redhead. (By the way, it's real color name is warm caramel. It's kind of caramely, milk chocolatey, which you can kind of see in the photos with Belle.) It does actually look nice in the bedrooms. Never what I'd choose right off, but Jess likes it, and I get my paint choices everywhere else.
Our painter couldn't have been nicer about the mix up. They got right to work fixing it. We went and checked it out Monday night and I'd be lying if I said I didn't do cartwheels. Actually, that's a blatant lie. Last time I was in St. George, Annabelle asked us to do cartwheels with her. My MOTHER is the only one who could do it. And with grace. Woman kills me.
Anyway. It looks great. I'm itching to see my paint up everywhere. And my elephant skin accent walls.
And also. I should probably pack?


Nicole said...

Great post! How can I help with the move?

librarygirl said...

So excited you finally found a house! Good luck with the move!

Katie Jones


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