Thursday, November 1, 2012

butterfly babies

After Aunt Stephani gave the girls some butterfly wings, Annabelle was dead set on her Halloween plan: she was going to be a butterfly. And so was Lou. Which was fine with me. Because throw in some tulle and pipe cleaner and you've got some pretty sweet little butterfly girls. It's no secret that I find Halloween to be a fairly distasteful holiday. But each year it gets a little sweeter when I spend it with these girls. I mean, REALLY. Look at them!
Before we went trick or treating, we stopped by to visit Gram (Jess' grandma). This woman has become as dear to me as you could possibly imagine. And to my girls as well. The relationship they have with her is priceless. And although I often forget the camera, on this occasion I didn't. Thank goodness. 

This is going to be a fairly giant photo dump. But I couldn't stop the gushing. And the happiness in all these faces! So today I'm okay with Halloween. Because we made it about happy, flying, magical butterfly babies and filled the day with love.  




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Suzannah said...

The costumes are awesome by the way!


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