Wednesday, February 6, 2013

somewhere over the rainbow

So that version of that song we've all heard (here), Somewhere Over the Rainbow? It's so Hawaiian. Because I'm fairly certain that when you're in Hawaii, you're literally behind a rainbow. Or in a rainbow. Or at the end of one. Or somewhere near a rainbow. Because it's all lush and beautiful and almost magic sometimes. Plus there are the leprechauns.

Kahakuloa Head

Walk to Honolua Bay

Wainanapanapa Arch

Jess was a busy man on this trip. We joined him for some of the photo taking, and let him go alone for others (like for the Road to Hana, a windy road not recommended for those who get carsick (me and Belle) or children). Some are photos taken on the road, in no particular place, but I've labeled those that I know. Because if anyone has stumbled on this, and is about to go to Maui, let me say this: don't just sit on the beach. I mean, I totally support spending the majority of your time basking, but seriously - look at Maui! So much pretty to see.

Kahakuloa Village

Road to Hana

Jess has a particular talent at capturing the world and nature at large. And over the years (all five of them), we've developed a pretty good method of tag teaming the photo taking and the family time and combining them when possible. I'm so glad we have, because although I'm stuck in the frozen tundra land right now, I have Hawaii right here.

Waimoku Falls (Road to Hana)

Sunset from Haleakala


Riss said...

So pretty! Hawaii is paradise on Earth.

Rachel said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing. I'm going to bookmark this post and come back whenever I need a vacation.

The Harrises said...

Did ya have to get out your salt and smash it into my pours> Beautiful! Wish I were a passenger minus the road to Hana.


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