Monday, March 11, 2013

talk talk talk

Yesterday, Jess, Annabelle and I gave talks in church. And trust me when I say, Lou would've also totes been down with shouting some Japaspanglish into a mic. However, a translator couldn't be found at such late notice. 

Annabelle's talk was given in Primary, her first talk ever, and her first time speaking in front of people. All the Sunbeams before her hadn't had the courage to use their voices, so I spent two weeks pumping my Belle up. We spent all of last week memorizing her five lines, which went like this:

One day, Jesus was teaching the people.
He asked them to bring their little children to Him.
They sat on the ground around Him, 
and Jesus knelt and prayed.
Then He blessed each child, one by one.
Jesus did this because he loves the little children,
and I know He loves me.

She had every single word memorized. I'd test her memory and mess up the words intentionally, and she'd correct me from the other room, "NO Mom, it's little children, not just children!" 

When her time came, she listened cautiously as the first little girl got up to give the prayer. She asked me why her friend wouldn't talk in the microphone. I replied, "Oh, she's just being silly isn't she!" not wanting her to realize that she should be nervous. I myself sat there a ball of nerves. I had far more anxiety as I sat waiting with my baby who had prepared and practiced without end for a week, than I did for myself who would be standing to deliver a fifteen minute talk in a few hours.

In the end, my brave little girl stood up, and with just a little help, delivered her entire address. In the audience was her great grandma, her grandpa, an aunt, an uncle with his girlfriend, her daddy, and her little sister. Four generations there to witness a three-year-old give a 45 second talk. She was brave and she was proud, and she felt so special that so many people were there to see her. 

Annabelle is remarkable. There really isn't any other way to describe her. And listening to her simple and beautiful testimony yesterday may have been my most proud 45 seconds of my life.

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