Friday, May 3, 2013

budding photography skills

We paid a visit to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point yesterday. And while it was very beautiful and our resident pho-tog took some lovelies like this...

...perhaps the best part of this little outing was the girls' joint interest in photography. 

They were both all up in Jess' grill, messing up shots and videos right and left. It was so hilarious. Lou did this a lot in DC, and it made for some of the cutest videos. Jess would be filming some stately monument with a tree blowing lightly in the wind and then HEY. Lou's buck teeth would be front and center. 


This time, Lou didn't actually cameo in videos. She did, however, vibrate the tripod around during videos and then wore the camera for a while. And Miss Annabelle actually took photos. These are all from her:

It looks like we've got a budding photographer on our hands! (Pun intended. I'm hilar.) 

Also, I leave you with this gem. You. Are. Welcome. :) 


Evan & Heather said...

I have some sweet close ups of Legos and Lucy on my phone curtsy of your little budding photog!

Riss said...

I Belle's photos! Better than I could take.


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