Monday, July 15, 2013

thank you

This weekend, we celebrated our girls. July is our birthday bash month with Annabelle's birthday at the first and Lou's at the end. This year, I swore up and down that I would not go crazy and get all themed out. But it didn't work. Annabelle suggested a theme, and I went wild. I have lots of photos coming, but my sister sent this one last night. I know, right?

This weekend, my heart has been so full, not only for these two beautiful little ladies who we are so lucky to call ours, but also because of the love I felt from everyone for these girls. Their party was a huge success, not because I rocked the theme but because everyone was there - family, friends. All the people who we love were there to celebrate and support our babies.

Those happy faces up there are no joke. Thank you to everyone who helped, some driving hundreds of miles. Thank you to everyone who came and played and ate and stayed a while. And thank you to those aunties and a grandpa who sent their love from a far, even a gift from their Sister Whit in Korea! It really was the best evening ever, and the girls had the best time. Thank you thank you.

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