Saturday, July 20, 2013


Lydia Lou:

Two years. What? It seems that the ferocity with which you attack life has eaten away your first two years - quick, fast, no time to look back. 

Nevertheless, you are still our baby, and you are the spunk and the fire of this family. You are funny, silly and smart. You are non stop - go go go. You are an entertainer. You have a few lifetimes of wisdom in your eyes, and I know you know much more than you ever let on.

When your sister came along, she changed everything. Little did I know that you would change everything again. You were a small blip on our radar, the calibration our family needed. You are the life and light of every moment. You are my light. 

You most definitely push me to my limits as a mom. You force me to think harder, be stronger. And I think that you know that. I think that is part of the reason you were sent to me. From the moment I looked into those brand new eyes of yours, eyes that were as focused as a camera, I knew you already knew me better than I knew you. Thank you my Lou, for your patience as I learn. Thank you for teaching me that my heart's capacity is limitless. And thank you for making me laugh until my side hurts.

It's quite unbelievable the way I needed you. You were everything in me that was missing. And until you came, I didn't know. Thank you for these two years of life and fire and spunk. Your face full of smirks and giggles is the heart of this family. I'm so grateful for your first beautiful two years.

Happy Birthday Baby.

All my love,

NOTE: Your Aunt Don Don took these photos of you at your birthday bash. You literally would not stand still. But how perfect these photos are. You in all your wild joy. :)

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eclaires said...

As I get older and more set in my ways (sad, I know), the hope that I'll meet my companion and have children of my own seems to fade away with ever year. With that fades the desire too. That is, until I read your posts. I guess I *do* want little ones. And I want to love them the way you love yours. :)

Thanks for sharing.


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