Wednesday, August 14, 2013

pioneer day

So this Pioneer Day, we got creative. We nixed the traditional Days of '47 Parade (I'm going to be real here and admit that I don't think we've ever gotten out of bed for it), and instead looked for something truly pioneerish. Something of historic value. We found ourselves at the site of the Golden Spike, the spot where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads were joined in 1869, creating the First Transcontinental railroad. 

The site features a lovely little visitor's center, full of locomotive knick knacks, as well as a tiny museum with some authentic artifacts and bunches of authentic information. The two train engine reproductions are sitting outside as well, facing each other. They look like they're challenging each other to a duel, I think. 

We went out and had a look and noticed that they were both running. Turns out, because it was a holiday, they were doing a re-enactment. 

We were trying to time it right to get back for the Butlerville Days Parade, but thought we'd stay for a few minutes and watch the re-enactment. We found a place in the shade to watch, and just as we got settled, an eighty-something year old man in period costume shuffled up to Jess and asked if he'd be staying. Sensing he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, Jess mumbled an answer in the affirmative. Then the old man asked if he'd care to assist in the re-enactment.

Jess got to wear a wool coat and a hat and stand in the heat with his speaking part in hand for forty five minutes while they did the re-enactment. It was seriously a hoot. I had the girls and the diaper bag and the camera bag to juggle in the heat, but I managed to snag a few pictures. For my history loving man, even with the immense sweating he did, he had a ball.

We made it back home for a few minutes of the parade, then a big delicious BBQ at Papa's. And then the big inflatable rides at Butlerville Days and fireworks at the end. All in all, memorable, and successful Pioneer Day, especially considering Jess has finally tapped into his acting career. :)


Riss said...

That's fairly hilarious and awesome. Was it fun for the girls to watch Daddy act?

danielle said...


eclaires said...

That is really cool that Jess got to participate! :)

And I adore Annabelle's face in the last second to last picture, right before the fireworks.


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