Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Backyardigans. Is that a show? Or something? We live in the Stone Age with phones lacking smarts and TVs lacking channels. We don't know such things.

Anyhow. Backyardigans. That's what we've become. I'll be honest - we didn't properly use our backyard this summer. I think this is partly because we were out of town so frequently. But truthfully, I think it's because we aren't used to it. We aren't accustomed to having the option of walking out the back door and playing, and so we just forget.

With this favorite season of mine and the perfect temperature outside, we've found ourselves outside quite a bit lately. We've been "winterizing" the yard, if you will (stowing the grill, planting some last minute plants, weeding, and then weeding some more). Annabelle was thrilled when we found her an earthworm, and she carried that poor thing around for probably an hour. We convinced her he wanted to go back to his dirt when he stopped moving much. 

And then there are the Sunday naps. Those perfectly sweet moments where Daddy attempts to sleep and the babies run around and giggle and pretend to nap in between.

Life is good. Especially in the backyard. :)

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littlered said...

Gosh, I just love this so much! And I love the backyardigans! I may have a phone that is supposedly 'smart,' but you beat me on having a tv period. Haha :) xoxo


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