Sunday, November 3, 2013

autumn apparel

This morning we woke up to tiny snowflakes making their merry way to the ground below our bedrooms. They didn't stick by any means, but they sure were pretty little things. And such a stark difference to our Saturday, spent mostly outdoors, the girls running in and out as they pleased, the windows open and replacing the old indoor air with the smell of crunchy fallen leaves and sunshine.

I made the girls some lunch and forced them to sit down for five minutes and get something in their bellies. It was torture for Lou, and when I ran upstairs to grab something, I came back to only one child. I asked where Lou went, and both Jess and Annabelle shrugged their shoulders. She had dissipated? I peeked outside to see our "back garden" baby, lounging in the sunshine. Clad in just a shirt, underwear, and...gloves?

I sure love this little family of mine. :)


Rachel said...

Ha! I love Lou's sassy poses

littlered said...

BAHAHAHAHAH I am laughing out loud in my office!!! I just want to squeeze that little girl right now!!!


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