Tuesday, December 10, 2013

belle and buddy

Does everyone remember that one time we took a three-year-old to a musical? Because sure, why not. Of course, that was THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The ultimate musical in the history of musicals, especially according to that three-year-old. 

Well, this year as we surveyed our Christmas holiday offerings, Jess noticed that Elf: The Musical would be coming to town. We looked up the age requirement: "Children under the age of five will not be permitted in the theater." And thought to ourselves, four is the new five? Right? After all, she was three at a six and over play. She can totally handle this.

The big day came, and she got all dolled up in her holiday-going outfit. She'd been pacing the floors all day, so excited. She willingly took a (huge) nap so she could be awake for the play's late start time. 

And when it came down to it, she was wonderful. The play was darling and Jess and I laughed ourselves silly. Annabelle also caught some of the humor and LOVED the singing and dancing. We'd also prepped her with a few viewings of Elf (the movie), so she was already excited for Buddy the Elf and informed us that the play Buddy was just as good as the movie Buddy (he really was). 

But perhaps my favorite thing was when, just before we left, Annabelle got teary. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she wished Lou could come. She said she was going to miss her sister so much. Then she held her tiny heart pendant necklace and said, "But she'll know she's in my heart, right?" You'll note that in most of these photos, Annabelle is holding her tiny heart necklace. She's keeping her baby sister with her. And of all the magic that happened that night, that right there? The best.

Also. I cut bangs. I know. For a review of the comedy and bangs, go here. For the record, I really love 'em this go 'round.


Corina said...

Your bangs are cute! I noticed how cute they looked at church. And I very much enjoyed the history of the bangs.

Riss said...

She's the cutest little grown up.


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